I started collecting vintage Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) in 2011. In part because my partner and I were doing IVF at the time and it was rather traumatic. Collecting TMNT gave me a welcome distraction and something to get nostalgic about.

I’ve sold a majority of my TMNT collection now, but here it is all its glory—documented for all time so I can always remember how incredible it was.

Many of my items were graded (for condition and authenticity) by the Action Figure Authority (AFA) in the US.

You can see more pictures from my collection on Instagram (@tmnt_thatcrazyturtledude) and videos on YouTube (That Crazy Turtle Dude).

USA: AFA graded TMNT figures—1988/89

UK Hero: AFA graded TMNT figures—1988/89

Canadian: AFA graded TMNT figures—1988/89

AFA graded TMNT vehicles—1988/89

Mint on card (MOC) TMNT—1988/89/90

Original TMNT arcade machine LAI Cabinet—1989